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We Build Good Stuff
All Day, Everyday

We are a Melbourne based web development company obsessed with creating WordPress plugins.

We also aspire to building clean, optimised, functional and appealing websites.

We formed Hypnotic Zoo. No, we’re not psychotherapists for your cat, to help and assist individuals/ companies build a web presence.

We’re also in this to make life easier for you.

We have been developing plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce  for 7 years, and ‘my’ how things have grown in the online shopping world.

All of our WordPress plugins can be purchased at Extension Woks.

If you would like us to build a plugin for WordPress or WooCommerce please feel free to reach out to us.

If you are after a website we can also help you with that.

You can call us at +61 3 9010 5595, or send us an email.

Item No.

01. Research

Do your research, there are so many options to consider, make sure you have the right fit for what you need.

Item No.

02. Design

It all starts with a discovery session where we will chat about your vision, requirements and expectations for your digital presence.

Item No.

03. Develop

We architect and develop, optimise the experience, test and launch. We then analyse, act on results and offer ongoing support.